– Creative and Meeting Place (CaMP) –

Creative and Meeting Place (CaMP)

CAMP (Creative And Meeting Place) is a space of exchange and creativity. It’s a pre-incubator space for business projects, for student or not. Located in the building of La Maison de l’Entreprise, it allows to discover entrepreneur’s business in immersion !
This incubator joins in our will to promote and to stimulate the entrepreneurship of young people. If your are a student, or a young graduate and that you wish to create your company, it’s also here it’s happening !


What is a pre-incubator space ?
A friendly, inspiring place of exchange between entrepreneurs, students, and candidates entrepreneur.
You have a desk in an open space, a creativity room (The LME Quiet Idea Box), and also all the infrastruture of LME: meeting room, une cafeteria, printer, …